A long time ago, in a land far away…

There was a bunch of ‘sunburned in the summer, frost-bit in the winter’ kids from the Coyote Hills of Saskatchewan. Stuff never came easy to us. We learned to work for everything we got. We learned from the best to take care of animals – learned that they’ll take care of you. I never forgot that… and never will. I no longer own any of those animals, but I still appreciate the ‘friends’ I had while growing up.

Thank you to my parents for their wisdom and understanding, thanks to the 4H clubs and leaders ,the rodeo associations and the people along the way. Most of all, thanks to the Good Lord for making it all possible.

We have been raising horses since the early 1960s and have had some that have really stood out. Some we taught and some taught us. We went from stock horses to working cow horses then started adding more speed. Since the early 90s we have always had a strong running influence in our herd coming to where we are now with race prospects in both the Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred breeds with some of the best blood in the industry today.